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14 May 2018

Energy Within: An Intro to Chakras

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Ever wondered what Reiki is? What chakras are? Why owning & understanding your own energy is important ? Come to this!👇🏽

Energy Within:An Intro to Chakras on Saturday, May 19 Community of Hearts Yoga 630pm-830pm $30

REGISTER HERE👉🏽http://juicilife.com/…/energy-within-introduct…/

Spend an evening with Master Reiki Certified Gregory Pember & Scott Kenneth connecting to your ‘subtle’ body: the inner energy that connects us to the Universal Life Force flowing through every living thing.

Energetic imbalance can surface in the form of repeated negative patterns, feeling “stuck” or like you are chasing life rather than embracing it. You can move towards balance and empowerment through being open and receptive to the delicate energies within and around you.

This two-hour workshop led by Greg & Scott will introduce you to the Seven Chakras and invite contemplation on what energetic balance looks like in your life. As a group, we will explore various healing modalities including Restorative Yoga, mantra work, affirmations, guided meditation and one-on-one Reiki work from these Master Reiki teachers.

REGISTER HERE👉🏽http://juicilife.com/…/energy-within-introduct…/

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