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1 Feb 2018

“Heal Your Body.”- pranalifeyoga.com

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Powerful words from my teacher, friend, mentor & sister to You. Want to heal in your body? Want to be a part of a Movement?

Meet Pranalife Yoga & Yoga Teacher Training:


For over 15 years I practiced and taught primarily Ashtanga Yoga, along with basic gym training (ALL the squats …). Over time, I experienced what many other strong, dedicated yogis from every lineage experience: strain from certain movements (yogis push and stretch but rarely pull and lift, we stay on little rectangular mats instead of moving around a room, we love our repetitive salutations and for some reason feel a real need to have more “flexible” EVERYTHING instead of asking why we want to be able to move that deeply in that many ways) and atrophy/weakness from the absence of movements we don’t use often if at all in yoga (hang, yogis! crawl and jump!).

Then one day it happened: my low back quit. When I look back, I have full respect for how long my strong back took the beating I was giving it before bailing. The simplest of movements became so painful. I’d think I was healed, dive back into my forward-folding-heavy yoga practice (it will heal me!) and NOPE – the pain would return. I became depressed, disillusioned, unsure how to keep teaching with integrity.

But slowly, using the focus and dedication I’d been mastering along with redundant yoga motions, I started over. I let go. I reinvented my movement practice. I grew wiser and bolder as I learned more about healthy movement, as I played. I started working with the best in the world – including back pro Dr. Stuart McGill – and studying leading ideas from Ido Portal, Christopher Sommer, Pavel Tsatsouline – experienced teachers who gave me ideas that helped me build practices with a new focus:

To move well long-term.

I don’t give a shit about those Cirque du Soleil yoga moves anymore. I was once excited to get my shin behind my head; now I think, WHY?! I want to move like a badass when I’m 80 and that pretzel shite ain’t getting me there. Instead, I’m stronger and more at ease in every movement I do.

If you’re in pain, if you’re injured, if you’re just bored with yoga as-is, I promise you – it can be better. YOU can be better. I’m not grateful for my injury; I understand it. I’m grateful that I took it as an opportunity to grow, expand, challenge myself to learn new ways to move. I’m grateful for the teachers who came before me and offered their knowledge. And I’m grateful for every person who comes to my classes and trainings, because you become part of an exciting new community of movers.”

Join the movement:


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