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20 Nov 2017

Join us on Tuesdays at 6am-Gentle Flow & Meditation

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Thinking of starting a Yoga & meditation practice? Feel like you have no time? Begin a 6AM practice every Tuesday at Community of Hearts Yoga!

This mornings Sādhanā practice was invigorating & grounding. Join US each Tuesday at 6AM. Do it for yourself.

Register on www.juicilife.com

A combination of a Gentle Flow (Vinyasa) class with guided Meditation to conclude the practice.

Sādhanā is the art of “doing with intention, purpose & meaning.” Begin your day with a morning practice of gentle movement cultivating ‘Tapas’- inner fire and the element of ‘Water’ through a guided meditation.

Studies & research show that those who start their day with movement infused with intention cultivates a vitality, awareness & balance that stays with you throughout the day igniting healthy habits that impact all parts of your life in a positive way.

Don’t allow the early 6am time to intimidate you. The hardest part is getting here. Once you are here, you thank yourself for filling your cup and carving out the space for your mental, emotional, physical & subtle wellness.
You are worth it!

NOTE: 6AM classes require registration online. Ensure to reserve your spot minimum the day before.

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