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Great variety of classes to choose from and excellent instructors.
Michelle Krug

Comfortable studio, excellent and interesting classes that change and vary. Great teachers, wonderful studio owner and teacher Selam. Also, convenient location and parking.

Martha Lobsinger

Best Yoga teacher ever! Truly concerned for my well being. Also… stretches me beyond my (limiting) capacity- thank you!

Kimberley Snider

The instructors are amazing! love all the classes I attend here!

Pat Collins

Selam is a true gem! Her energy immediately warms the room. It is a pleasure to learn and practice along side her!

Cathy Benjamin

Selam speaks From the heart during her classes. A rarer quality than you might think. Her teaching is powerful yet relaxing and transformative. It’s exactly what I need to shift gears and approach the rest of my day in a new light.

Russel Jennison

Selam is absolutely amazing and a joy to be around. I’m spending the weekend with her at a yoga retreat and our conversations and yoga time together has been an absolute joy. I will definitely be visiting her studio when I’m in the Kitchener area next.

Nicolle Boodram

Selam is a very compassionate teacher while guiding you through the moves and making you feel very comfortable in doing so. Challenging you to reach the best flexibility you can do at the moment and pushing you further to build your strength and endurance in all yoga positions.

Nyssa McDonald

Juici Yoga is a beautiful and nurturing studio. Your experience will go well beyond the benefits of the physical exercise of yoga, as Selam Debs, the owner, is very knowledgeable about the spiritual connections and brings that seamlessly into everyone’s practice. Truly a gift to our community.

Carolina Miranda

A very amazing and welcoming community! The classes have been really great and I’m glad I found a nice studio!


This studio and it’s incredible owner are truly committed to building and sustaining community and individual growth.

Tara Kachroo

Selam’s class is hands down transformative. Her velvety voice encourages you to sink deeper into your soul. The guidance is deliberate and effective, allowing you to feel safe as you explore your own body. I feel completely at peace.

Sarah Kraatz

Lovely place with a talented teacher. Very clean. Great location. Will definitely be back.

Lisa Beckett

Amazing studio, knowledgeable staff – great for beginners and experienced alike!

Vanessa Dickson
Comfortable, welcoming, and just the right amount of challenge.
Esther Wirick

Always calming and nurturing always just what I need!

Erin Bowers Kiers

Selam has a wonderful aura of power and kindness, and it comes through in her beautiful teaching. Her studio is gorgeous with lots of natural light, easy to access, and the variety of classes and workshops offered are a great resource.

Meagan Walker

Clean, fresh facility. Friendly staff. Knowledge instructor.

Martyna Kapouranis

Selam and her studio Juici Yoga offer an immediate sense of peace and calm as soon as you walk through the door. Her kindness and passion for her practice shine through in each class which is thoughtfully and intentionally planned to meet her students where they are, from the movements to the cues she gives.

Lindsay Egan

Best Yoga teacher ever! Truly concerned for my well being. Also… stretches me beyond my (limiting) capacity- thank you!

Kim Snider

I recently joined the studio and liked my classes. One day I happened to be the only person having signed up for a morning class and Selam still showed up and conducted the class with the same interest and professionalism solely for my benefit. Thank you

Simona Pruteanu

Welcoming and safe space, bringing our community the best yoga has to offer. If you haven’t been yet and are curious to try – go.

Shareefa Sayani

One of my favourite teachers ever! Selam is knowledgeable, passionate and very present with her students. She creates a deeply calming atmosphere, allowing me to feel completely removed from the outside world. Her love for yoga and teaching and every person that shows up to share time with her is tangible. She sets herself apart in the yoga community in significant ways.

Sarah de Poray

I was apprehensive about my first class but the instructor was phenomenal. The environment was very welcoming. A very uplifting experience. Looking forward to my next class.

Layns Magayns

Selam is a wonderful teacher. I love the way she sequences a class – there are levels of difficulty and challenge that you can choose for yourself to have as hard or as relaxed a class as you’d like. She creates such a “zen” environment as well throughout the class, as well as at the end of class with the closing shavasana and essential oils, breath, and meditation. It’s just an all around excellent class and studio. I will keep coming back and have sent many friends and family members as well!

Sarah Eby

Beautiful retreat just minutes from Uptown Waterloo, a gorgeous space with a loving atmosphere, and some powerful instructors!

Asia Nelson, Founder, Yoga Teacher Training, Pranalife Yoga

A gorgeous oasis, what a sweet, gentle hideaway from the busyness of everyday life. Selam is a trailblazer in our community, and brings together some of the best teachers in the area. A beautiful variety of classes from relaxing to power flow, with specialties like yoga for kids! The region’s best not-so-secret gem.

Asia Nelson

The environment is so conducive to a positive yoga experience, serene, inviting, nourishing to the senses.

Julie Tonin

I just love Selam’s classes! Her angelic voice, rhythmic sequencing, and soothing energy leave you feeling like you’ve floated away on a cloud to heaven. A smart, wise and powerful woman who advocates for everyone around her to feel truly seen.

Sarah Ann

My boys attended the yoga camp and fell in love. It’s been a week and they are still talking about it. It was a great mix of yoga, adventure, art and mindfulness. Thank you to all the instructors for leaving such a lasting impression.

Stacey Koch
“Recently widowed, my mother was living alone for the first time in her life and experiencing a lot of anxiety in the evenings. I came from Texas for a visit and a friend recommended Selam for private in-home yoga lessons for my mom and me.My mom had never done yoga, and the prospect of her sitting still long enough to learn the basics was daunting. My hope was that she might learn some tools to calm her mind and not be so anxious when it was quiet… I scheduled six consecutive sessions and before the end of the first one, we had a breakthrough. Selam helped my mom connect with powerful emotions in a nurturing environment: we laughed, we cried, we stretched. Selam is perceptive, compassionate and generous. The impact of our time together persists and I’m grateful we found her.”
Barb Armstrong

Before I knew anyone at the studio, I already felt like a Part of the community because of the welcoming teachers! Every class I’ve taken leaves me feeling rejuvenated, grounded and centred.

Sarah Michelle

Selam is a true gem! Her energy immediately warms the room. It is a pleasure to learn and practice along side her!

Christine Polak

Fabulous Fearless Leader, Selam Debs is introducing he community to a wide range of practice, and events.

Peggy McIntosh

This woman, Selam, is an angel , walking among us. She is a teacher, a student of life,and a healer, and if you are lucky enough to be in her presence – you will know the embodiment of kindness.

Peggy McIntosh
Few people show up in my Yoga Teacher Training program as well-equipped as Selam is, with the brains and braun to take on such a life-changing challenge plus the life experience and wisdom to handle the growth we do with grace. Selam is one of those rare gems, open to what life has to offer, intelligent, capable, joyful, and a pure delight to work with and know. If you’re looking to “get the right people on your bus” as James Collins advises, work with Selam. You’ll find her professional, creative, brilliant, and connected to her passion. It’s a privilege to be part of Selam’s journey as a Certified Yoga Instructor.
“You are water to dry souls on your path, Selam Debs. I’m so grateful to have you in my life.”
Asia Nelson
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Juici Yoga