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4 Jan 2018

What is a juici life?

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What is a juici life?

I decided a long time ago that flying was my only option. I have stumbled, been pulled into the trenches, crawled back out by the grip of my fingers and walked out of the desert of what seemed like an eternity of suffering. I chose a long time ago that I would fly however I needed to overcome the limiting beliefs passed down by generations of womyn who wanted to fly but were not afforded the same opportunities as I have so fortunately been afforded with.

A long time ago, I promised myself that I would fully participate with life, that I would stay in the arena until my last breath, that I would allow my fullest potential rise to the surface and practice the cumulation of passion, integrity, truth, depth, openness, strength, resiliency and authenticity. That I would not waste my wounds.

A life lived on purpose. A purposeful life. I would break cycles of poverty, scarcity, abuse, instability, chaos, fear , drama, apathy, self sabotage and suffering. That I would deliberately guide a boy towards a human who sees the world through a broad, socially conscious-global, educated, kind and empathetic lens. That my life would be infused with inspiration and that each day an opportunity to see more clearly, more purely, more creatively, more vividly and more bright.

That I would be a voice for those less fortunate, most marginalized, most vulnerable and allow their stories to be part of the fuel that catapults my passions. That one day this juici life I create can be a platform in which the stories, visions and truths of these courageous souls can be heard globally. That I will use this platform to empower, encourage and ignite a community of inspired hearts locally and worldwide that rise so high they FLY too- we fly together!

This is the seed I plant today for the intention Of tomorrow. This is #juiciyoga
Stay tuned for #juiciyoga 2018- this one will be the juiciest one yet

“If I have seen further than others, it’s by standing on the shoulders of giants.”-Thank you 2017 for waking up my giant🙏🏽
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