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1 Feb 2018

Women Protest in Iran

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This morning’s CBC radio interview with Masih Alinejad, Iranian journalist was a reminder (once again) on how privileged and fortunate we are in the western society we live in. In Iran it is illegal for womyn to walk the streets without a Hijab (head scarf) and the womyn of Iran, although they may be few, are courageously speaking up, taking off the veiling (in so many ways) and suffering the consequences of jail time and punishment.

There are few things that get me fired up deeply in this world- the oppression of womyn and children that is a world wide epidemic and the womyn who stand up courageously against the oppression. We must not forget how fortunate we are, how damn privileged we are. How so many have fought and sacrificed their lives so that we could be Here. We must use our platform to better ourselves and in turn we better those around us. We must not fall into the slumber of comfortability within the vortex that is social media and Netflix and use our lives for the greater good.

I truly believe that WE (those who are privileged enough to benefit from the freedoms of living in a western society and are not marginalized) have a responsibility, Not to go out there and make a difference necessary, But to make a difference in our own lives, to heal, to grow, to get un-stuck, to live out our greatest dreams, to bring all our passions to life, to live a thriving and whole life- We have all the resources to do so.

WE, the ones who are not surviving. Let us Not waste our wounds, our talents, our gifts. And in the cumulative effect of moving towards our greatest potential, our highest selves, we influence a generation, we influence the friends, family and those watching you from a distance.
Who are you when no one is watching? Let us find Union in these parts of ourselves and bring it to the world in all it’s greatness. This is my commitment and dedication to those womyn & children who do not have a voice, that I SEE you and your hopes and dreams are alongside every decision I make in honour of your Future freedom.

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