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1 Feb 2018

“A World where Women Reach their Full Potential.”

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“A world where Women Reach their Full potential, will be a better world.”

When half of the earth’s population is not being heard, seen and represented- We are seeing with One eye & hearing with One ear. We must level the playing field and say yes, “ this is socially unacceptable and except nothing less than change & equality. To use your voice, your life and your vision to inspire and demand deep change, is our birthright, our responsibility and our gift to future generations.

#educate #empower #unite #love

We need to see womyn in power. We need to mentor each other and remember this: “I Come As One, I stand as 10 Thousand.” ✊🏽

To see where I was and where I am today is a testament to breaking these cycles of misogyny, inequality, social & economic poverty and abuse in my own life and the life of my son. Change, empower & heal wherever you are and see what happens next.

Its not easy AND It’s worth it. #equality #healyourself #healtheworld#phenomenalwoman #knowyourworth




Women's Voices – Ana Botin

"A world where women reach their full potential, will be a better world for all of us" What does your shared future look like? Ours: #futureisinclusive #WEF18 http://social.kpmg/womensvoices4

Posted by KPMG on Monday, January 22, 2018

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